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Established in 2013 in the heart of Africa, Sawatech is a professional translation and localization service provider specializing in all African languages. Sawatech is founded on the definite necessity of reliable African translation services to facilitate business communications in the Continent. We believe that with a dynamic set of language and technical support, we can bring the world’s most powerful ideas to Africa and build sustainable businesses. And for almost a decade now, Sawatech has been the most trusted language partner of choice for many regional and global businesses

Powered by an all-African team of experts, ISO 17100:2015, and industry-leading translation technology and tools, Sawatech is fully equipped and capable of delivering fast, high-quality translation and localization solutions and addressing the requirements of our partners, empowering their business to thrive and stand out against any local competition in Africa.

Sawatech's Vision

We work intending to pave the way for Africa to enter a new era of a prosperous business environment, helping put Africa on the map of technological advancements and accelerating Africa’s technology-driven growth. 

Sawatech's Mission

To provide innovative, premium-quality translation and localization solutions, supporting ambitious businesses in all fields to navigate the African markets smoothly and have a seamless multilingual experience like never before.

Why Sawatech


Unrivaled Quality

We are an ISO-certified translation and localization company adhering to the highest standards.


Subject-Matter Expertise

We assign the right person for the required job every time, giving you access to a wide array of experts in all industries.


Unprecedented Speed

Since we know the importance of time to market in our fast-paced business world, we deliver projects at the fastest turnarounds.


Competitive Pricing

You only pay for what you need. We have customized pricing structures to deal perfectly with projects of different scoops.

Sawatech 360-Degree Solutions Unlocking Your Full Global Potential

We pride ourselves on offering end-to-end translation and localization solutions guaranteeing quality, speed, confidentiality, and cost-effectiveness. We spend time to know your business and work closely with you to pinpoint your needs and objectives. We then adapt and tailor our services to efficiently meet your needs and make certain that we deliver only what you expect and when you expect it.

Without any delays or obstacles, Sawatech gives your projects a professional edge, ensuring that they are aligned with your objectives and synced with your schedule to help you chalk up a tremendous success in Africa’s market. And to deal with your valuable data, you can be confident that your privacy is one of our top priorities at Sawatech. And above all, with us, you will only pay for what you need, not less or more, easing the whole process and accelerating your time to market.


Sawatech African We Know African Languages Inside Out

Africa’s diversity, especially in terms of languages and culture, can be your greatest challenge, hindering you from pulling it off in the region. But not anymore! With Sawatech, there is no chance to do it wrong. Because no one will ever know Africa better than a local, we have an all-African, in-country team of experts, project managers, DTP engineers, testing specialists, and many more to bring you the perfect blend of their exceptional native language proficiency, in-depth cultural knowledge, and professional experience.

In a home of 2000 African languages, we know precisely how to tackle each and every language, even the rarest, delivering reliable, authentic translation and localization solutions that never fail. We embrace your business needs and requirements while serving the primary purpose of building relevant cultural-friendly experiences for your target locale. From Swahili and Yoruba to Fula and Arabic, we deliver premium translation and localization services in all African languages and dialects to help you connect and communicate with your African audiences no matter where they are.

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