First-Class Translation & Localization Services For Fast, Successful Global Expansions

For a decade, thousands of businesses have been relying on Sawatech unrivaled, flexible translation and localization solutions for their international expansion journeys. At Sawatech, we know precisely how to prepare your businesses and execute the perfect plan, leveraging the ideal combination of powerful human capabilities and the most advanced technologies for successful global expansions, especially in the African markets.

We customize our language solutions that combine our client’s and end users’ needs and follow the industry’s best practices. Equipped with expert translators in your specific industry, who are residents in your target locale, and ISO 17100 certification standards, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and fast translations in almost all African languages.

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Sawatech's Services

Sawatech offers a full range of professional, end-to-end translation and localization services across different industries. Delivered with efficiency and integrity, our custom-made language solutions help regional and global businesses to expand beyond borders and reach wider audiences overseas.

Translation Services

With our selection of the best native translators and best-in-class translation tools, we provide you with documents of the highest quality and consistency at the minimum turnarounds.

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Localization Services

Catering to different markets and cultures, we adapt your websites, apps, games, and more to your target audience’s preferences. And we customize their experience to be much more relevant and immersive.

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DTP & Multimedia Services

We adapt and localize all types of multimedia across different platforms, empowering your digital presence and global market growth. With our expert DTP solutions, we give your audience a home-like experience by professionally formatting and adapting your translated materials to suit their cultural and aesthetic preferences.

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Interpretation Services

Whether you need in-person, phone-based, or video interpretation services, we are here to help. Our team of interpreters is highly trained in your subject matter with a deep knowledge of your industry, establishing professional and effective communications.

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Multilingual SEO Services

Through our growth-oriented multilingual SEO services, your global target customers will find you faster, positively affecting your online presence as well as your sales and conversion rates.

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Holistic Approaches for Your Global Communications

Perfect language solutions don’t happen accidentally; they are based on systemized processes and directed measures that only a highly qualified language service provider can offer. And at Sawatech, this is exactly what we do and more. We leave nothing to chance. We bring together the industry’s best practices, stringent quality standards and procedures, robust technology tools, and the best talents to provide you with an end-to-end solution of the highest levels possible of quality.

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