Exceptional Multilingual DTP Services

Give your multilingual documents a professional look without losing your visual identity through our expert multilingual DTP services. Working within your schedule, we handle your DTP projects entirely to maximize your international appeal in any desired market.

High-Quality Multilingual DTP

Nowadays, visuals say more than you think. Let’s face it, people often judge by appearances, and your international audiences are no exception. With just a little peek at your content, your prospects will either be your ultimate advocate or missed opportunities. That is why multilingual desktop publishing is essential. And at Sawatech, this is our area of expertise. We take care of your translated documents, refining and polishing them, to maximize your global potential and set the stage to make the desired impact in your market.

Sawatech provides complete multilingual DTP services for your translation and localization projects and for both print and online content. We convey the soul of your original documents, adapting their layout and design to comply with the target language’s requirements and the audience’s preferences. Sawatech delivers the best multilingual DTP services in the African region, successfully adapting our top-tier resources and DTP processes as appropriate for what you need and to the highest of standards.

High-Quality Multilingual DTP
Multilingual DTP

Sawatech's DTP Expertise

Whether you need multilingual DTP services for your user manuals, brochures, or training materials, we’re all set with the most skilled DTP specialists and cutting-edge technology tools.
With deep knowledge and extensive expertise in the ins and outs and best practices of desktop publishing, our DTP experts can deal with the intricacies that come with the job, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

From graphics to page formats and fonts, we will get your localized document accurately formatted to be culturally friendly to your target locale and compatible with your aesthetic identity in no time. No matter how typographically challenging the language is or how visually complex your documents are, Sawatech is adept and equipped to handle your project from A to Z professionally. Our teams have access to a wide range of DTP software and tools and work across different file formats, delivering with utmost precision and speed.

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Sawatech's DTP Software and Tools

At Sawatech, we fulfill your multilingual DTP needs competently in the fastest turnaround time, handling any project of any size and scope and in any file format. We use the following software and more:

Multilingual DTP
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Acrobat

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Microsoft Word

  • Adobe FrameMaker

  • Microsoft Publisher

  • Corel Photo-Paint X3

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

  • QuarkXPress

  • WordPerfect

  • AutoCAD

  • Corel Draw X3

  • Adobe PageMaker

  • Quicksilver


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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Multilingual DTP

How Sawatech Multilingual DTP Process Works

Sawatech has a well-structured DTP process with clearly defined roles and technologies and strictly aligned deliverables with your quality and speed requirements. We spend some time understanding and analyzing your documents, taking every detail into account while recreating the design and layout.

Contrary to the common misconception, our DTP work starts even before the translation takes place. It starts with text extraction and file preparation, where our DTP specialists extract all translatable strings from your non-editable files, such as scanned PDFs, and properly review the content to verify the quality of the source content, which accordingly impacts the quality of the translation. After the translation and reviewing phases, our DTP and design experts effectively format the text, layout, and graphics, while respecting the original style. Next, we perform stringent Formatting Quality Assurance (FQA) to deliver perfectly formatted documents that adhere to the highest quality standards as well as your instructions and style guide. Now, your documents are ready in the format you desire to print or publish.

The Sawatech Difference

  • We offer ISO-certified translation services.

  • We deliver professional DTP solutions at affordable prices.

  • We cover more than 120 languages, specializing in African languages.

  • We build culturally relevant experiences.

  • We have a wide array of DTP specialists with different extensive expertise to cover all projects of any type.

  • We deliver your project in the fastest turnarounds.

  • We follow the best practices of desktop publishing and provide localized documents of the highest quality.

  • We offer DTP solutions as a stand-alone service or part of the localization and translation services.

  • We protect your confidentiality.


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DTP services enhance your audience’s overall experience. It focuses on the localized document’s aesthetic components to appeal to the target market and conform to its preferences.

At Sawatech, we offer professional translation services in flexible, customized pricing plans to fit your every need.

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