Professional Linguistic Sign-Off Services

Guarantee the highest levels of quality and accuracy of your content, especially if you have an eye on the international markets. Through Sawatech’s professional linguistic sign-off services, you’ll ensure your translated text is flawless and fits perfectly with your audience before publication or launch.

Linguistic Sign-Off Services for Extra Reassurance

After translation and DTP (Desktop Publishing,) you need an extra quality assurance step to ensure everything went as intended and planned. And this is where linguistic sign-off services are crucial. Be it a document, an e-Learning course, or a website, our team of expert DTP engineers and linguists checks for any translation inaccuracies, functionality issues, formatting inconsistencies, spacing problems, and more.
We at Sawatech designed our linguistic sign-off services to give you complete peace of mind. All translated and localized content and visual elements in the final version of your file will be checked and tested for any irregularities so that nothing stops you from moving forward toward your global ambitions.

Linguistic Sign-Off Services
Linguistic Sign-Off Services

LSO Services for Better User Experience

With a perfectly done and crafted translation document, the last thing you want is your content to be hidden under images or outside the page layout. And this will, in fact, hurt your user experience. Through our accurate linguistic sign-off services, you will deliver on your customer’s expectations and create the user experience you and your user desire, consequently boosting your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Ensure that your public-facing content is ready to go live through our expert LSO services!

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Sawatech's Linguistic Sign-Off Services

Sawatech is an African-based translation and localization company focusing on eliminating language barriers for seamless and effective global communications. We provide our clients with reliable DTP and linguistic sign-off services and work on an extensive range of content and files, such as:

Linguistic Sign-Off Services
  • Brochures

  • Posters

  • Leaflets

  • Presentations

  • Slideshows

  • Manuals

  • Catalogs

  • Videos

  • Packaging

  • Software

  • Websites

  • e-Learning Courses


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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Linguistic Sign-Off Services

We Give It A Second Look By the Best Sawatech's Trained Eyes

At Sawatech, and at the linguistic sign-off step, our experts go the extra mile to perfect your multilingual files to serve their international purposes optimally. Nothing will go undetected and unresolved under their extraordinarily trained eyes. With their impeccable capabilities and skills and extra care for details, you will be able to launch to a set of audiences and cultures in no time and without any delays or second rounds of checking and testing.

Also, our DTP specialists and linguistic experts are highly trained and accustomed to dealing with your on-demand projects within the tightest turnarounds.

The Sawatech Difference

  • We offer ISO-certified translation, localization, DTP, and linguistic sign-off services.

  • We deliver professional DTP and linguistic sign-off solutions at affordable prices.

  • We cover more than 120 languages, specializing in African languages.

  • We build culturally relevant experiences.

  • We have a wide array of DTP and linguistic specialists with different extensive expertise to cover all projects of any scope.

  • We deliver your project in the fastest turnarounds.

  • We follow the best practices of desktop publishing and provide localized documents of the highest quality.

  • We offer linguistic sign-off solutions as a stand-alone service or as part of the quality assurance process.

  • We protect your confidentiality and secure your files.

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