Why Sawatech?

For 11 years, we have established ourselves as one of the region’s top African language translation services providers, trusted by major players across different industries. It’s because we have been consistently delivering unrivaled translation and localization solutions that combine quality, accuracy, speed, and confidentiality. 

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ISO-Compliant Processes

We deliver the highest quality every time, the first time adhering to the standards of ISO 17100:2015 certification and rigorous quality procedures.

Competitive Prices

We offer flexible pricing structures, whatever your needs and your budget.

In-Country Specialized Linguists

We give you access to native linguists with deep knowledge of the target market and subject matter in question.

Fastest Turnarounds

Regardless of your project size and scope, we leverage our advanced technologies to deliver under the tightest deadlines.

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Sawatech's Services

Sawatech offers a full range of professional translation and localization services across different industries.

Translation Services

We provide you with the best translation solutions powered by Sawatech experts and industry-leading tools.

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Localization Services

We translate and localize all types of content across devices and platforms, tailoring the experiences of your users to their preferences and expectations.

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DTP & Multimedia Services

We provide premium-quality multimedia localization services, while adapting and formatting your print and digital materials for a more professional and customized look.

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Interpretation Services

Whether you need in-person, phone-based, or video interpretation services, we offer expert interpretation services that meet your needs.

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Multilingual SEO Services

Your target customers will find you faster through our growth-oriented multilingual SEO services.

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Sawatech's Industries

In almost 120 languages, we bring customized translation and localization services across a wide range of industries to our clients.

Sawatech's ISO-Certified Translation & Localization Services

Our translation and localization solutions conform to the ISO 17100 certification standards, delivering nothing short of impeccable quality. Through our streamlined, stringent processes, certified native-speaking translators, and top translation tools, we are able to deliver on our commitment to our clients to provide you with the highest levels of service and quality. Whatever your industry and needs, we focus on selecting the right people, technology, and processes to deliver fast, reliable solutions.

All-African Team of Experts for 100% Africanized Experiences

Because no one knows Africa better than a local, you can always trust Sawatech. We operate in the heart of Africa with a team of experts in all industries residing in the Mother Continent to tailor experiences to be linguistically fluent and culturally relevant and appealing. Besides their industry expertise, our teams have insider knowledge of the diverse African culture. They conduct in-depth research to understand your business and market and plan carefully for your translation and localization projects. From our huge pool of native-speaking translators and linguists, only the right team with relevant subject-matter expertise and who is well versed in the domain-specific terminology is put in charge of your project to provide you with accurate and effective communications that resonate and captivate your audiences across Africa.

Sawatech's Languages

If Africa is your next stop, Sawatech is the language service provider for you. We equip you with a full range of African language services. In 120 languages, we support your global business expansions from A to Z, depending on the perfect combination of our top-notch in-country translators and industry-leading technologies.


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