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Sawatech: Your Top Choice for Travel Quality Translations

Potential tourists need to feel understood and welcomed, and what better way to do that than to speak to them in their native language? Sawatech provides top-notch, end-to-end translation and localization services to different types of content within the hospitality and travel industry. Since 2003, Sawatech has been providing professional translation services in 120 languages with a key focus on African languages including some of the very rare ones.

Located in Africa, we offer our services through native African linguists that understand their cultures better than anyone else. We pride ourselves on helping many clients worldwide expand their business and reach the African continent. We understand that our clients trust us to deliver their message accurately. And we make use of our broad teams and high-end technologies to consistently deliver professional quality in adherence to the standards of the ISO 17100:2015 certification, and in the fastest turnarounds.

Sawatech Your Top Choice for Travel Quality Translations
Accurate and Culturally Relevant Travel Translation

Accurate and Culturally-Relevant Travel Translation Services

At Sawatech, we understand that in the translation and localization industry, no mistake is tolerable. Cases of mistranslation or culturally insensitive content could have a terrible impact on a company’s reputation, and that’s why we go to great lengths to ensure professional quality that’s 100% accurate, error-free, and culturally appropriate. All content we provide is the product of human translation, done by a team of subject-matter experts who have years of experience in the field of travel translation and localization.

We guarantee flawless quality by employing the 3-Tier reviewing process of Translation, Editing, and Proofreading by different native linguistic experts. Our team’s number one priority is providing meticulously accurate language while delivering natural-sounding, engaging content capable of attracting African globetrotters. We make use of up-to-date translation technologies such as CAT tools, a Translation Management System (TMS), translation memories, and more to achieve the highest levels of consistency and precision, while saving you time and money.

If you aim to attract African tourists, Sawatech is your ideal choice!

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Sawatech’s Hospitality and Travel Translation Services

Whether you are a tour operator or you own a travel agency, a hotel chain, a travel platform, an airline company, a bus line company, or a car rental agency, Sawatech translation and localization services will definitely empower you to maximize your ROI and attract more audiences across Africa. Our translation services in the field of travel include but aren’t limited to:

Sawatechs Hospitality and Travel Translation Services
  • Travel Websites and Apps

  • Travel Guides and Books

  • Reservation Forms

  • Travel Itineraries

  • Brochures

  • Leaflets

  • Safety Instructions

  • Marketing Materials

  • Customer Support Services

  • Catalogs

  • Infographics

  • Press Coverage

  • Flight Information

  • Social Media Presence

  • User Reviews

  • Maps

  • Menus

  • Public Transportation Guides

  • Rental Information

  • Bus Line Information


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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End to End Services Fastest Turnarounds and Great Packages

End-to-End Services, Fastest Turnarounds, and Great Packages

At Sawatech, we understand that entering a new market isn’t only about translating your content into the target market’s language. It most importantly includes localizing and adapting your message to resonate with your new audiences. That’s why we offer end-to-end translation and localization services to allow your expansion to be as smooth as possible. Our multidisciplinary team consists of linguistic experts in translation and localization, expert project managers, DTP specialists, UI/UX designers, localization engineers, and more.

Our team offers 24/7 services at the fastest turnarounds and within your timeframe. Equipped with tech-powered translation tools, they deliver the largest and most complex projects within your preferred timeline without compromising quality. We offer cost-effective rates and customized packages to choose from as suitable. That’s why Sawatech is your go-to for translation and localization services in the travel industry, and more!

The Sawatech Difference

  • We adhere to ISO 17100 certification standards.

  • We offer flexible pricing plans.

  • We support your hospitality and travel translation needs in 120 languages, covering all subject areas.

  • We deliver reliable consumer electronics translations that perfectly serve the target market.

  • We have a wide selection of linguists with varying technical expertise to cover any project of any scope.

  • We work in compliance with your timeframe.

  • We deliver certified documents of the highest quality standards.

  • We provide error-free translations owing to our most refined quality control and testing processes.

  • We guarantee confidentiality and protect privacy.

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