Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Accelerate your pharmaceutical product launch in African-speaking countries through our expert pharmaceutical translation services and stay compliant with strict international regulations and quality standards.

Pharmaceutical Translation Services for the African World

Bringing a drug to markets like Nigeria, Ethiopia, or Egypt necessitates the existence of a long-standing language services provider specializing in African languages and cultures. And we at Sawatech have been assisting pharmaceutical companies and CRO organizations in launching their pharma products in the African region for more than 10 years, translating all clinical research, clinical trial materials, medical device documentation, and more into 120 languages.

Located in the heart of Africa and with our decade-long experience in the translation and localization industry, Sawatech has the expertise to manage your expansion in Africa’s various markets. We also have specialized expertise in the pharmaceutical field, providing you with ISO-certified African medical translations that comply with the industry’s regulatory framework. We rely on our professional translators and technology capabilities to consistently deliver the highest quality possible in the fastest turnaround times. With Sawatech, quality, compliance, and confidentiality are guaranteed.

ISO-Certified Pharmaceutical Translation Solutions

International regulatory requirements must be considered to roll out a new drug globally. That’s why it’s imperative to have a translation and localization company well-acquainted with the regulatory compliance requirements, delivering accurate translations without careless errors. At Sawatech, you will have all of these perks, along with the speed factor.

We pride ourselves on operating within well-systemized processes and well-selected human assets, enabling us to consistently maintain our ISO 17100 standards. Also, we keep pace with all the pharmaceutical industry’s changing regulations to accelerate the whole process and fasten your time to market.

Translate all of your Pharmaceutical documentation with the highest quality and speed.

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Sawatech's Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Whether you want to translate a patient information leaflet or regulatory submissions, we have got you covered in 120 languages, tailoring your documents around the industry’s requirements and target audience’s needs. Here are the types of documents and content we can handle:

  • Drug Registration Documents

  • Pharmacological Studies

  • Protocol Documentation

  • Clinical Trial Documentation

  • Websites and Apps

  • Toxicology Reports

  • Manuals

  • Regulatory Submissions

  • Instruction for Use

  • Case Report Forms

  • Adverse Event Source Documents

  • Study Protocols

  • Labeling & Packaging

  • Marketing Materials

  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

  • QoL Scales


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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Efficient Teams and Processes for Your Pharmaceutical Projects

Since the pharmaceutical industry knows no room for errors, our project managers only assign translators with a medical background to your pharmaceutical translation projects. Once you decide to kick-start your project, you’ll have a native-speaking medical translator specializing in your target culture and language. And besides their subject-matter expertise, they are competent in our advanced technologies, utilizing our translation management system to make use of its features to the maximum and provide professional, consistent translations.

Our teams accurately translate and carefully adapt your documents to meet the demands of the industry and the preferences of your target audience. Your translation project goes through a strict 3-Tier Review Process (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading), conducted by different, equally experienced linguists. This way you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your translation is 100% free of mistakes, ambiguities, or misinterpretations that can compromise the integrity of your products.

The Sawatech Difference

  • We deliver ISO-certified pharmaceutical translation services.

  • We provide professional pharmaceutical and clinical trial translation solutions at affordable prices.

  • We support you in more than 120 languages, specializing in African languages.

  • We accommodate your message to the target market's cultural norms.

  • We have a 24/7 team of global medical translators to cover your on-demand needs.

  • We stick to your time plan.

  • We build quality life sciences, medical, pharmaceutical, and clinical trial documents.

  • We have multi-layered review and quality assurance processes.

  • We protect your confidentiality and valuable data.

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