Professional Translation Services

Now it’s time to enter the fierce African competition through Sawatech’s professional translation services, designed primarily to support your business goals and serve your target market’s requirements. We translate, but we also create relevant, memorable experiences for you and your end-users, adapting your content to speak the target locale’s language and culture.

A Decade of Sawatech's Professional Translation Services

In more than 100 languages and across a wide variety of industries, Sawatech offers a full suite of translation services to support your global expansion efforts, especially in Africa. Our expertise spans all African languages, all industries, and all content types. Whatever your specialization and project scope, our project management team works around the clock to give you easy access to expert translators in your target market at quick turnaround times. They use their vast expertise and experience to pair you up with the right translators and localization experts and the most suitable tools to provide you with language translation services that best represent your industry and your business’s unique voice and style.

We have been in the market for over a decade, supporting thousands of businesses to achieve their ambitions in Africa through our professional language translation services at the most affordable prices. And we’re ready to give you the same results, equipping you with our great experience, certified translators, customized ISO-compliant processes and workflows, and best-in-class tools.

Professional Translation Services
Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services: Quality that Puts Your Business Ahead Of the Game

With today’s customers who expect a lot from businesses in terms of value, quality, and speed, cultural or linguistic mistakes can push your potential client away and totally jeopardize your reputation in your target market. And at Sawatech, there is no room even for the slightest errors. Not only do we employ our translators based on their education and professional qualifications, but we also rely only on native speakers who have years of experience in their specialization to deliver accurate translations in the fastest turnaround times.

Also, our systemized translation process and multi-layered quality control and testing processes take accuracy, quality, consistency, and speed to a whole new level. Whatever the translation service, industry, and African market you desire, our professional translators have complete mastery over your target language, domain, and culture.

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Sawatech's Professional Translation Services

Sawatech is a professional translation services company that provides unrivaled 100% human translation services to convey your content messages faithfully and accurately to your target audience. We work on all content types; here are some examples of what we can help you with:

Sawatech's Professional Translation Services
  • Websites and Apps

  • Legal Documents

  • Technical Document Translations

  • Press Releases

  • Presentations

  • Software and Software Manuals

  • Patents

  • Brochures

  • Marketing Collateral

  • eLearning Courses and Corporate Training

  • User Guides

  • Training Material

  • Support Documents


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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Customized Translation Solutions

Customized Translation Solutions For Personalized Experiences

Not only do we focus on your end user’s experience, but your experience is of the utmost importance at Sawatech. Based on your needs and instructions, and after conducting thorough research of the target market, we develop a translation strategy aligned with your needs and shaped around your budget and timeline.

And at the time of execution, we work with the aim of laying the cornerstone of our client’s success in the target locale, depending on the latest technology tools that can assist translators in delivering consistent, accurate translations at the fastest turnarounds. So, yes, we can work under the tightest deadlines, but without compromising the quality and accuracy of the translation.

The Sawatech Difference

  • Our translations are ISO 17100 certified.

  • We have flexible pricing plans.

  • We support your translation needs in 120 languages.

  • We deliver reliable translations that perfectly serve your business objectives and target markets.

  • We have a wide selection of SMEs with different technical expertise to cover all translation projects.

  • We work under the tightest deadlines.

  • We deliver certified translations of the highest quality standards.

  • We provide error-free translations because of our most refined testing processes.

  • We prioritize your confidentiality.

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