Reliable, Customer-centric E-Commerce Localization Services

Build an engaging shopping experience and win over your target audience through our customer-centric E-Commerce localization services. Globalize your E-Commerce website and maximize conversions and ROI.

E-Commerce Localization Services to Compete Internationally Like a Local

Entering foreign markets entails significant challenges, especially competing with big local players. And with 75% of consumers buying products and services after reading their descriptions in their native language, you can say that local businesses almost always win. But you have equal chances to win as well with professional E-Commerce localization services.

For almost a decade, Sawatech has been helping regional and global businesses reap the benefits of E-Commerce localization services, and it’s why we have been the ideal choice for many E-Commerce online businesses to fulfill their global ambitions. Sawatech is a professional translation and localization services provider, offering a full suite of E-Commerce localization services, from content translation to website and app localization as well as SEO optimization services, across multiple industries. We bring more than accurate translation. We localize and adapt your users’ shopping experience, from search engine to check out. Thanks to the expertise of our all-African teams, we deliver you remarkable multilingual E-Commerce platforms to engage and inspire your African customers.

E-Commerce Localization Services
E-Commerce Localization Services

Exhaustive E-Commerce Localization Services

To attract and push your customers to come back to your online store, you should know that everything in your customer journey must be well-designed and fully localized. Everything has to be shaped to sound, look, and feel familiar and relevant to your target market, from product information, graphics, and images to the user interface, payment options, and video content.

And at Sawatech, we deliver end-to-end quality eCommerce localization services that take into account every aspect of your platform and users’ journey, including text content, visuals, audio, video, formatting, and more. We assign a full-fledged team of the right translators, copywriters, marketers, localization engineers, DTP specialists, designers, developers, and QA and testing specialists. We provide high-performing websites, apps, and platforms that combine linguistic, cultural, and technical accuracy, where nothing disrupts your customer’s experience.

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Sawatech's E-Commerce Localization Services

Sawatech provides multilingual E-Commerce localization services that never fail in international markets. We cover all your needs and customers’ requirements, supporting your market-entry approach by designing a smooth experience for your global shoppers. Here are some of the aspects we work on in E-Commerce localization:

E-Commerce Localization Services
  • Products/Services Descriptions

  • User Interface

  • Design

  • Audiovisual Content

  • Reviews

  • Marketing Materials

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Legal Restrictions

  • Payment Methods

  • Dates & Measurements

  • Privacy Policies

  • Legal Contracts

  • Shipping Information


At Sawatech, we offer
other services like:

We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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E-Commerce Localization Services

Fast-To-Market Localization Processes

At Sawatech, we understand that in this fast-paced business world, time is crucial. That’s why we customize and optimize our processes to cope with your time requirements, expertly and effectively managing the complexities of your E-commerce platform localization much faster, without sacrificing quality.

We deliver high-quality E-Commerce localization projects thanks to our expert translators, cutting-edge translation tools, and rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. So, whether you opt for a part of our E-Commerce localization services or want the whole package, we support and cover your specific needs within your time frame.

The Sawatech Difference

  • We're an ISO-certified translation and localization company.

  • We have flexible pricing structures.

  • We Africanize your businesses, covering more than 120 African languages.

  • We give you access to an extensive range of professional in-country translators to build culture-friendly translations.

  • Our translators have diverse subject matter expertise to handle any project of any scope.

  • We deliver projects within short time frames.

  • We use advanced translation technology tools that assist translators in producing consistent translations.

  • We provide our clients with accurate translations through our robust 3-Tier review process.

  • We protect your data and confidentiality.

Translation services prices are determined based on the language pair, the type of the content, volume, and turnaround. There are also different pricing structures, including hourly and per-word pricing, among others.

At Sawatech, we offer professional translation services in flexible, customized pricing plans to fit your every need.

Best document translations integrate linguistic accuracy, cultural sensitivity, domain expertise, and layout compatibility.

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