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Sawatech delivers reliable language solutions that never fail to fulfill your business objectives and industry needs as well in the highest levels of quality and accuracy, in accordance with ISO 17100 standards. For almost a decade, with the help of our professional in-country linguists with relevant subject matter expertise and best-in-class technologies, we have been helping businesses across different industries to tap into African markets confidently.

Armed with in-depth industry and technical expertise and a deep understanding of the linguistic specifies, our experts can deliver translation and localization projects that navigate smoothly through the intricacies of your industry terminology and language and target culture, no matter the industry and market.

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Sawatech's Industries

In 120 languages, we bring customized translation and localization services across a wide range of industries to our clients. Whatever your industry, the desired language combination, and schedule, we handle the most challenging projects with accuracy and efficiency and deliver on time.

Life Sciences

Through our ISO-certified life sciences translation services, you’ll be able to share your life-saving content with a much broader audience globally, especially in the African world.

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Legal Services

Translate your legal documents accurately and effectively through our error-free legal translation services. We deliver 100% precise legal translations that adhere to international regulatory standards

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Powered by our technical and linguistic expertise, we deliver professional manufacturing translation services to maximize your global outreach. Sawatech ensures that your highly specialized manufacturing materials are linguistically accurate, technically precise, and professionally formatted.

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Business and Finance

From financial reports and accounting records to insurance texts and income statements, we help companies and individuals to get their financial and business documents translated to the highest standards.

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Marketing & Advertising

Communicate effectively with your global audiences through our creative, multilingual marketing and advertising translation services. We deliver culturally-friendly and linguistically-accurate marketing messages.

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We Pick The Perfect Team For Your Project

After assigning your project to a project manager with relevant background, linguists will be selected based on their experience in your industry and in-depth knowledge of the domain-specific language and terminology. So, you can rest assured that only the right (most suitable) team will handle the whole job.

With the perfect blend of language competency, industry expertise, and cultural familiarity, we translate the most complicated subjects with ease and in a timely manner and overcome any intricacies along the way.

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