African Translation Services From the Heart of Africa

At Sawatech, we facilitate your multilingual communications in the African world through linguistically accurate, cultural-friendly African translations. We are an ISO-certified language service provider, covering more than 120 languages and specializing in all African languages, even the rarest.

We operate in the heart of Africa, counting on an all-African team of experts to deliver language solutions that allow your business to speak the same way a local does, while bringing relevant experiences to your audiences. This way, we don’t only help you penetrate new African markets, but most of all empower you to stand amongst the best players and even stay ahead of the competition.

African Translation Services From the Heart of Africa

Sawatech's Languages

If Africa is your next stop, Sawatech is the language service provider for you. We equip you with a full range of African language services. In 120 languages, we support your global business expansions from A to Z, depending on the perfect combination of our top-notch in-country translators and industry-leading technologies.


Highly-Skilled African Experts For Fast, Reliable Results

At Sawatech, no matter what language pair you request, you’ll always have a team of native-speaking language professionals at your service. This is what sets us apart from any other language services provider. Sawatech relies on an all-African team of experts who reside in the country you are targeting, so you can rest assured that have this unique combination of language mastery and cultural sensitivity to provide accurate, authentic communications that appeal to your African audiences.

However, our professionals don’t only have linguistic and cultural expertise; they also have outstanding technical prowess. Besides their translation and language competency, they are all handpicked based on their subject-matter expertise to handle highly specialized content across the most challenging industries in any language pair with ease and professionalism.

At Sawatech, we give you access to a wide range of native translators who work with every African language and almost all industries. So, no matter your industry, market, and languages you desire, we have the right person to support you. And that’s all always within your schedule.

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