Professional Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Get technical translation services of the highest level of industry expertise and accuracy with Sawatech. No matter what your industry is, we translate and adapt your technical documentation to be well synced with your industry standards and target demographic’s cultural and linguistic preferences.

High-Level Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Although machine translation can deliver self-sufficient solutions across some industries, you can’t depend on it totally to provide high-quality translations, especially in creative-based industries. And in sectors like medicine and law, where any translation mistake can lead to risking lives or legal liabilities, machine translations can’t be up to par. That’s where our expert post-editing services come in.

Sawatech provides scalable machine translation post-editing solutions in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. Sawatech is one of the very few language service providers in the industry that offer MTPE services supporting all African languages. We bulletproof your machine translations, giving you the chance to make use of the tremendous speed of machine translation without missing out on the power of human expertise and knowledge. We support any industry and project size, delivering a turn-key solution that saves time and money and achieves professional translations as if a machine hasn’t intervened.

machine translation post-editing
machine translation post-editing

Efficient MTPE Translation Processes

To get fast as well as quality translations is the secret power of the machine translation post-editing services. And we, at Sawatech, can guarantee post-editing processes of the highest quality standards to bring out the best of the two worlds, the machine and post-editing services.

With Sawatech, you’ll have access to a wide pool of adept certified human translators who work according to your requirements. Whether you’re asking for a light post-editing, which requires minimal revision by the expert to ensure the readability of the MT output, or a full post-editing service, which delivers linguistic and cultural-friendly content, we got you covered. Our trained post-editors work on your project’s raw machine translation, using the most advanced technology tools such as translation memories and terminology management tools to ensure the consistency and efficiency of your translation projects and the compatibility of the outcome with the target audience.

Humanize Your Machine Translations

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The Need For Sawatech's Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

There are various reasons behind the necessity of machine translation post-editing services.

machine translation post-editing
  • When quality is equally essential as speed

  • When the cultural aspect is as indispensable as linguistically

  • When your project is a creative-based translation project

  • When your industry is risky and requires detail-oriented translation approaches

  • When you want to reduce your project's timeline but also don't want to sacrifice your translations' quality

  • When you want to cut expenses as much as you can

We are equipped to adapt our services in order to deliver MTPE solutions that are in accordance with your content requirements, budget, work plan, and deadline.


At Sawatech, we offer
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We at Sawatech, as a leading global language translation services provider, pride ourselves on the great efforts we put into the whole translation and localization processes, ensuring that the documents translated are in a class by themselves and fulfill the requirements of the target locale

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machine translation post-editing

Technologized/Humanized Post-Editing Services

As an ISO-certified Localization and translation services vendor, we provide you with machine translation post-editing services that ensure your content is culturally and linguistically accurate, relevant, and natural to your target clientele and attuned to your style and glossary guide. Owing to our cutting-edge CAT tools and terminology management, our professionals can implement your terminology standards consistently across all of your projects, whatever industry you specialize in.

So, you’ll have a merger between the deep hands-on expertise of our post-editors, who have relevant knowledge of your industry, and the power of the latest revolutionary technologies.

The Sawatech Difference

  • We're an ISO-certified translation and localization vendor.

  • Our solutions are cost-effective and have flexible pricing structures.

  • We specialize in over 120 languages.

  • We provide cultural-friendly translated content.

  • We have a vast collection of translators to cover all sectors.

  • We can deal with the tightest time frames.

  • Our technologies can guarantee translation services of the highest quality standards.

  • Our 3-Tier Review Process can ensure unrivaled quality translations.

  • We prioritize your confidentiality and security.

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