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If you are looking for a magic portal to connect with the people of Africa and the whole world, website localization is your way in. All you need is a trusted, reliable translation and localization expert. This is where Sawatech comes into play; we are your best choice.

Sawatech Website Localization Services: Simpler. Faster. Better. Smarter

Sawatech is a full-service multilingual website translation and localization service provider. We work with all types of businesses and specialize in all African languages including rare and indigenous ones.

For years, our premium-quality website localization services have been representing businesses, companies, and organizations in the best possible way in the global marketplace, offering intelligent localization solutions and making their websites accessible, functional, and appealing to their target markets.

Fortified by our technology and language assets as well as our expertise in the software industry, our localization processes are optimized and automatized allowing us to skillfully and smoothly create multilingual websites that reach the minds and win hearts of your audience, while dramatically saving you time and cost.




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Website Localization Process

Website localization is an intricate, multi-layered process. It doesn’t only entail translation of you web content into another language. Rather, it extends to adapting the entire website components to the language and culture of the target audience. The core of website localization is to create memorable experiences for your target audience. With this aspect in mind, we look for the target audience’s interests and preferences with the aim of providing a local, familiar experience in terms of content, design, and usability.

This is the primary part of the website localization process where our African translation team of expert linguists and translators – who hold extensive subject-matter expertise and deep cultural knowledge of the target market – provides accurate and consistent translations while putting cultural and contextual aspects in consideration. They capture cultural nuances in order to provide relevant and engaging content that your customers can identify with and relate to.

The technical side of website localization is complex because it’s all about localizing the whole experience (i.e. localizing all website elements: layout, design, software, site navigation, symbols images, dates, measurement units, numbers, fonts, colors…etc.) Our highly-skilled and trained localization experts and DTP specialists have the resources and technologies to adapt and adjust your multilingual website versions to your target audience making sure they still match the original website and the essence of your brand. We deliver localized websites that are perfectly customized, visually-attractive and relevant, commercially-appealing, and highly-functional with unmatched speed and scalability.

The Sawatech Advantage

  • Quality-Driven Solutions
  • Solid Localization Strategies
  • Cost-effective and Time-efficient Services
  • Diligent Market Search
  • Industry Expertise
  • Industry Leading Translation and Localization Technology
  • Technology-Driven Approaches and Methodologies

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