Linguistic Sign-Off

Sawatech Linguistic Sign-Off Services

Sawatech offers scalable linguistic sign-off services for all your translation and localization projects, supporting all African languages. Through a structured process, Sawatech enhances the efficiency of your translation and localization files in terms of content, format, and functionality. Acting as a final quality check stage, Sawatech linguistic sign-off services guarantee that the final version of your files isn’t only identical to the original content but also is flawless.

Sawatech has the linguistic and technical expertise to perform effective and solid linguistic sign-off processes. Our scalable native linguists run a rigorous linguistic assessment to validate quality, accuracy, and consistency of the content. They examine your translated content for any discrepancies or errors in grammar, spelling, structure, missing translations…etc. Meanwhile, our skilled DTP specialists and localization engineers collaborate to recheck and retest your translated and localized materials for any software-related issues or bugs that might arise with different African languages, such as errors with special characters, layout elements, design and formatting…etc.

Translation and Localization Materials

Linguistic sign-off services are highly recommended for multimedia projects, high-visibility materials, and heavily-formatted presentations.

  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Leaflets
  • Websites
  • E-Learning Projects
  • Videos

Don’t Publish Your Material Before One Final Quality Check.

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