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Professional Back Translation Services: Extra Quality to Your African Translations

Sawatech provides accurate, reliable back translation services in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. Our back translation services provide further quality assurance for your highly sensitive translation projects, making sure that your translated documents are accurate and faithful to the original ones in terms of content and context.

What Is a Back Translation?

Back translation means re-translating a document – which has previously been translated into another language- back into its original language. This ‘reverse’ process is a robust translation method that validates the quality and accuracy of your translated documents and ensures that they have the same meaning as the original documents.

Sawatech Back Translation Services

Back translation is a highly specialized process especially in African languages, but it is also highly effective. Only an expert can provide accurate back translation. Sawatech handles this complex process for all types of highly-sensitive translation projects, even the most challenging of them. We provide professional, unbiased evaluation and review the quality of your translations in order to guarantee that it matches the original document as closely as possible in linguistic, contextual, and technical aspects.

Why & When Use Back Translation?

_Back translation is basically designed for you as well as for your audience. For you, because sometimes, you need to compare the translation with your original content and verify yourself the translation. But, how can you do this if you don’t speak the target language? Back translation can make that happen.

_Back translation usually is a regulatory and legal requirement. Some IRBs (Institutional Review Boards) and ethics committees essentially require back translation.

_Back translation is recommended for highly-sensitive translation projects, including legal, financial, and healthcare projects, where any error, no matter how small, can jeopardize the entire project and cost you time, effort, money, and sometimes even lives.   

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