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The whole world is embracing the new multimedia age, where more and more businesses in today’s global marketplace are relying on rich, interactive multimedia content and audiovisual tools.
And why wouldn’t they?Multimedia has replaced the traditional forms of media as a response to how people are more willing to consume information and communicate ideas. However, multimedia is most effective and efficient when presented in your target audience’s language and culture. This way, you are able to speak directly to them in order to connect and engage with them.
So, whether you plan to promote your products and services, entertain your audience, or educate them, multimedia localization is the key to draw the attention and connect with your international and African audiences.

Sawatech Multimedia Localization Services

Sawatech provides a full range of efficient and smart multimedia localization services across all African languages. With years of experience and as one of the leading multimedia localization provider in the industry, Sawatech has become a reliable partner of choice for businesses across a variety of industries. We are confident with our high standards and we strive to meet the needs of our partners efficiently and cost effectively.

Make an Impact, Win the Hearts of Your African Audiences, and Expand Your Business dramatically

When you choose Sawatech as your localization partner, you get to work with professionals only who follow standardized approaches and methodologies throughout each step of the process, ensuring that your localized versions of your digital multimedia content are well adapted and perfectly tailored to the preferences and needs of your target audiences in terms of language, culture, and context – and with a marketing flavor depending on the project. Our dedicated project managers work with you and carefully consider the needs and schedules of your projects. We adapt and customize our services to provide you with exactly what you want, need, and expect.

At Sawatech, our professional teams of native-speaking linguists and translators, industry experts, voice-over artists, DTP specialists, and developers collaborate to produce localized materials, which empowers your to compete in a fierce market as the African. We are fortified with language mastery, cultural awareness, and technical and technological expertise to deliver high-quality, efficient multimedia localization solutions tailored to your needs as well as your audience’s.

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