Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

The Highest-Quality MTPE Services in African Languages

Sawatech provides scalable machine translation post-editing solutions in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. Sawatech is one of the very few language service providers in the industry that offer MTPE services supporting all African languages. The core of our state-of-the-art MTPE services is to ensure that your machine-generated translations have the same high level of quality, accuracy, and efficiency of professional human translations.

As recognized experts in the field, we put our experience to work for you, combining machine intelligence and man’s artful and linguistic expertise in order to produce enormous amounts of content, high in quality and impact. We are equipped to adapt our services in order to deliver formulated MTPE solutions that are in accordance with your specific requests in terms of budget, work plan, and deadline.

Maximizing Machine Intelligence for High-Impact African Language Translations

There’s a lot of debate on the role of machine translation or automated translation. Nevertheless, let’s face it, machine translation has become widely accepted and used to meet the rising translation demands. And while machine translation has been relatively giving a satisfactory performance for common language pairs, it hasn’t been quite promising in African languages. This is because African languages are complex and inflectional in addition to being composed of many dialects. If this means anything, it means that Machine Translation Post-editing is indispensable to your African translation projects.

Human judgment and craft is essential to improve the accuracy and maximize the efficiency of your African machine-generated translations.

Sawatech relies only on native professionally trained post-editors and reviewers with subject-matter expertise who utilize their experience and our advanced tools to correct and amend your machine-translation output, as well as improve on its efficiency and accuracy, to finally provide customized, consistent translations that meet the highest standards of quality as well as your specifications.

Sawatech MTPE Process

Sawatech skilled translation and editing teams normally follow this process:

Our trained editing experts carefully read and analyze your MT output and compare it to the source text.

Our post-editors implement the necessary changes to your MT output, based on our MTPE Guidelines, and even re-translate if needed. Multiple quality assurance checks are, then, performed to ensure the translations are 100% free of errors.

Sawatech MTPE Guidelines

The objective of our MTPE services is to provide a content that is fluent, accurate, consistent, and even creative – depending on the nature of the content. With this in mind, we put the following factors into consideration:

  • Mistranslation and Missing Translation
  • Grammar, Syntax, Semantics, Spelling, and Punctuation
  • Terminology Accuracy
  • Writing Style
  • Context and Intent
  • Cultural Appropriateness
  • Emotion and Sentiment
  • Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Readability

We harness the power of machine translation to
Perfect Your African language translations.

Why Sawatech MTPE Services

  • Delivering high-quality, consistent large-scale projects in the swiftest turnarounds and within the tightest schedules
  • Guaranteeing that linguistic, cultural, and technical aspects are perfected
  • Assigning professional African editors and reviewers who have extensive experience in MTPE
  • Placing your needs first and tailoring your translations to suit your specific requirements

Revamp Your African Languages Translations

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