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Taking your localized software to the African market isn’t challenging anymore and is totally worth it.

Sawatech Localization Engineering Services

Sawatech is a leading provider of comprehensive, high-quality localization engineering solutions that suit your specifications as well as the local requirements and preferences in your new territory. Our expertise lies in the translation and localization in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. Our localization engineering services are established on the adequate understanding of the fact that impressive translation and technology skills are imperative to deliver top-quality localized products, giving our partners the best chance for success. If you share the same understanding, then you’ve come to the right place and now we can do great things together.

Localization Engineering… Made Simpler

The idea is to build localized software that is perfectly tailored to the linguistic, cultural, and usability preferences of your target audience, while preserving the essence of your message and your brand identity. Sawatech smoothly delivers this exact outcome relying on our strong technical capabilities, using advanced and complex software tools, and running rigorous quality assurance system.

Sawatech has the best localization engineers in the industry holding the expertise and technical excellence needed; they also showcase superior problem-solving and communication skills to ensure a seamless process as well as perfect outcome. They pull Sawatech resources and wield their energies guaranteeing quality as well as your satisfaction.

Localization Engineering Cycle

Our localization engineers assess and analyze your project. They work directly with you to start with a clear understanding of your objectives. They determine the requirements of your project, select the best approach, set process plans and tools, anticipate potential issues, and find innovative solutions.

The localization team prepares the source software, where they extract content for the linguistic team to translate and localize – focusing on linguistic accuracy and cultural relevant. Our engineers then adjust the interface while making sure it still mirrors the original one.

At this stage, all the elements are brought together in the final version of your localized software. We run robust QA testing to ensure that your localized software is 100% free of any linguistic and cultural mistakes as well as any technical issues or bugs. Now, you can conquer the African market with a highly-functional software that is perfectly tailored to your new target market.

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