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With the highest growth rates in eLearning in the world, Africa is a huge market waiting for your eLearning and training programs!

English is widespread but it’s no longer enough. The African people have a strong preference to a culturally-relevant content in their mother tongue, especially with eLearning programs. Provide your learners with exactly what they need with eLearning localization services and maximize the reach and impact of your eLearning and training programs.

Sawatech eLearning Localization Services: Get it Done in African... Faster and Smarter

Sawatech eLearning localization services are established to answer to the rising global demand for eLearning and training programs and to support the aspirations of businesses to expand. With this aspect in mind, Sawatech strives to achieve standards of excellence, guaranteeing high-quality solutions that empower your business to lead the global market.

Sawatech specializes in eLearning localization services, providing a complete spectrum of eLearning and training solutions in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones.
With years of proven experience and industry expertise, Sawatech has been responsible for the successful completion of a diverse set of eLearning projects, even the most challenging and complex ones, in a variety of fields, including healthcare, engineering, marketing, and more.

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Sawatech eLearning Localization Expertise

Sawatech takes ownership of each eLearning project in order to ensure our clients’ objectives become the objectives of our services. Additionally, we realize that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work out well. Each project is unique, that’s why we adapt our services and processes to fit your projects to make certain that we get the same outcome every time – which is quality eLearning and training solutions that bring customized, engaging experiences.

Sawatech has a large and dynamic team of expert linguists, DTP specialists, localization engineers, and voice over artists who work within optimized processes and run stringent quality assurance program. Our translation teams are skilled at delivering multilingual accurate, culturally- and contextually-relevant content that resonates with learners and employees. Meanwhile, our engineers leverage the best and latest technologies to develop highly-functional and user-friendly courses.

What Sawatech Brings to Your eLearning and Training Courses?

Our linguists are native experts of extensive subject-matter expertise. They achieve high levels of linguistic excellence and cultural relevancy, making sure your different versions of your localized eLearning course is flawless, precise, and customized.

We follow a structured workflow, automate our processes- when possible- and rely on cutting-edge technologies to reduce costs and speed up the localization process ensuring high-impact solutions that surpass your expectations but never your budget or timeframe.

Sawatech seamlessly and smoothly provides perfectly localized interactive media-rich eLearning courses that are highly functional and easy to use.

Our eLearning Tools

Our eLearning localization services are powered by advanced language tools and software:

  • Translation Management System
  • Translation CAT Tools
  • Terminology Management Tools
  • Translation Memory
  • Graphic Applications
  • eLearning Tools: Adobe Animate - Adobe Captivate - Articulate Storyline Trivantis Lectora Inspire

Have an eLearning Project? You Can Count on Sawatech.

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