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Localize Your Success; Be at the Forefront in the Tech Industry

The IT industry has huge potential for growth in the global
markets,and the African one is no exception. Now, you can take your domestic success to the global level. Launch your products and services in the African market, on all devices, and in all
African languages.



Sawatech Technology and Software Translation and Localization Services

Sawatech provides a wide range of technology and software translation and localization solutions with capabilities in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. We are capable of handling all types of software and applications across all platforms and on every type of devices, meeting every linguistic, cultural, technical, functionality, and usability requirement.

We understand that quality is the number 1 prerequisite to maximize the effectiveness of your communication and add value to your business. This is the foundation on which we perform, operate, and conduct our services. We have partnered with small and large companies as well as global and domestic brands adapting their software applications and technology projects and facilitating their communication with international audiences.

What Sawatech Offers

Sawatech professional translation teams are adept at translating the most complex and highly technical content for websites, applications, eLearning systems, and more. They have the industry knowledge and expertise to achieve the highest levels possible of linguistic quality, where accuracy, cultural relevancy, and consistency are imperatives.

Here at Sawatech, we have the technical capabilities, technological capacity, and skills to build and develop localized software that matches the efficiency of the source software and that has the look and feel of having been especially designed for your target audience. With QA localization testing as an integral part of the process, your software/application is thoroughly checked and tested, verifying the accuracy of the linguistic, technical, and functionality elements, making sure the content is compatible with your UI and UX, and leaving no room for bugs, or any technical issue.

With Sawatech as your partner, you can rest assured that our teams work around the clock, coordinate workflow, and automate processes, when possible, in order to provide you with software that is functionally, linguistically, and culturally flawless and consistent while ensuring maximizing cost savings and speed time-to-market.

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