Legal Translation

Fast, Accurate, and Confidential Legal Translation Services

The legal world is complicated and complex, and only expertise and professionalism can deliver results that are smart, accurate, and fast.


Sawatech Legal Translation Services

You can rely on Sawatech’s expertise and professionalism to guarantee the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Sawatech offers high-quality legal translation solutions for all personal and business documents, providing all the legal translation support for law firms, businesses, and organizations around the world.  With our ideal combination of dedicated legal experts, optimized processes, and quality assurance system, we are always able to provide 100% accurate translations in the fastest time.

Sawatech Legal Expertise

Sawatech has a large network of vetted professional translators who are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality possible. They have extensive industry specific knowledge and meticulous attention to linguistic and legal detail enabling them to seamlessly and accurately convey your legal translations to the target language and adapt them to the systems, guidelines, and laws and regulations of the target culture.

Our professional legal translations are powered by advanced language and translation tools including translation memories, terminology management software, glossaries, and more. We have optimized our processes and all our translations go through our stringent 3-Tier Review Process to ensure the utmost accuracy and consistency. 


We take your confidentiality of our translation projects very seriously. It’s our responsibility to safeguard your project data. We also sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with you upon your request.

Let us lift the burden off your shoulders for your next legal translation project!

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