Healthcare Translation

Take Your Healthcare Achievements to Africa

For years now, key players in the healthcare industry and leading medical and pharmaceutical organizations have been relying on Sawatech superior healthcare translation and localization services, facilitating their communication in the African continent and supporting their medical and healthcare contributions.

Let Sawatech be your trusted partner. We break down any barriers, bridge all the gaps, and help you communicate smoothly, accurately, and efficiently, boosting your global presence and maximizing your global product sales.

Sawatech Healthcare Translation Services: Accurate, Efficient, and Compliant Healthcare Translation Services

Sawatech offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare and life sciences translation and localization services in all African languages, including rare and indigenous ones. With a blend of expertise, skill, and commitment, our services are the most reliable. We put our wide expertise to perfect use, making sure that our translations are faithful representation of your findings and in line with your project specifications and your organization’s goals.

Healthcare is such a sensitive field, where one mistake can have negative implications causing medical complications or legal issues. You won’t have to deal with any of this; Sawatech maintains the highest quality standards, where you can rest assured your translations are 100% free of errors, precise, clear, consistent, and effective as well as comply with regulatory requirements.

Why Sawatech Is Your Best Option

When dealing with medical and healthcare translations, clear and accurate communication is indispensable. At Sawatech, we rely on a large pool of highly-qualified native African linguists and translators with in-depth subject matter expertise and strong code of ethics. They are skilled at translating the most complex and challenging content, ensuring that your message is universally understood and communicated safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Our African translation teams utilize advanced language and translation tools to achieve extremely impressive levels of precision and accuracy. We leverage translation memories and top-notch terminology management systems that guarantee the consistent use of the right medical terms and industry-specific terminology.

Our quality services are the most reliable in the industry because we bring integrity and professionalism as we handle your medical and healthcare projects. Our quality measures are rigorous through every step of the process. With our robust 3-Tier Review process and our stringent quality assurance system, we get things right, on time, the first time, and every time. 

Sawatech helps you overcome any regulatory hurdles. Our professional medical and healthcare translation services adhere to the worldwide legal framework and all the up-to-date regulatory requirements and regulations of organizations such as EMA, FDA, and others.

Your confidentiality is a priority and a commitment. We sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your project data and information security.

Healthcare Projects

We translate and localize all kinds of documents, including:

  • Product Information, Instruction For User (IFU)
  • Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Informed Consent Forms (ICF)
  • Clinical trial documents
  • Consultation Reports
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Patient Information Sheets and Consent Forms
  • Medical Device Manuals and User Guides
  • Operational Procedures
  • Research Papers and Medical Journals
  • Scientific Publications & Technical Articles
  • Questionnaires
  • eLearning and Training Material

Don’t leave your healthcare translation projects hanging in the air! Sawatech is ready to swing into action right away!

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